Roof realignment & Pergola Replacement – Carine

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Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

The roof at this property had dropped and needed to be repaired along with the replacing the existing patio.

The wisteria growing over the exisiting patio was the most important aspect of the job to our client. Our team worked effortlessly to carry out the works to the engineers specifications, all while working with the wisteria.

We removed the pergola, roof tiles and ridge capping to allow access to the roof. Propping up the dropped roof and then installing new stud work to hold the position of the roof took place. Then the new patio commenced.

Im sure you would all agree after seeing these pictures of the wisteria in bloom why it was so important, it looks incredible. A few months later the client sent us some photos upon completion of a their new garden bed, which just finishes the backyard off.